Monday, May 15, 2017

Happy Mother's Day... 

a little bit late...

I wanted to wish you all a belated Mother's Day. 
I thought of all of you all day yesterday. 
I had a 10000 messages for you in my mind & heart, but never hit send...
Some days are just harder than others and I don't really know why.

I do know that it is always important to remember that we hurt because we loved. I spent some time doing some things for the New Me! 

I went on a bike ride,
I read Option B on my terrace,
& I took my Maman to the Symphony downtown!
I had a lovely day!

I didn't over plan & I gave myself "permission" to NOT go to church just because I just didn't want to... It just wasn't a hat & flowers kinda day for me...
Instead, I rode my bike,
enjoyed my garden (Church of the Great Outdoors - I call it!)
and listened to Joel on TV !!!
We all have a choice to make on how we live the rest of our lives. As Sheryl says in her book... "It is not our Option A..."
It's not what we thought we would have, but it is what we do have and you know what...It's ok... It's Good. In fact, it can be glorious to get a chance to make a choice and make a change...or two!
I'm becoming a whole new "Me", a unique new woman, with some spirit and some sass - and a lot of Gumption & Resilience - 
I'm becoming a brand new Mother. I'm becoming a new Grandmother or Ama (Mother is Basque) 
I becoming the New Woman I Want to Be...
She takes care of herself.
She is fit and trim, eats right and exercises ( Ok, I said BECOMING ... I'm not there yet...)
She hikes
She rides bikes,
She paints her toes some very FUN colors,
She reads on the terrace in her garden,
She takes naps,
And some days, she seeks some peaceful refuge in the safety of her own "new" home to rest, reflect and recharge!

I had an amazingly, perfect Mother's Day. It felt so great to Give "Me" what I needed... I listened to Carolyn's call to "Mother ourselves... " And I spent My Day Papering ME! 
We can't serve others if we don't take care of ourselves first! (Place your oxygen mask on you before you help others around you.)

I hope you have a great week and that you do something for YOU --Whatever you want that to be! Take care of YOU first and then you will be able to do all the other things we have to do.

One of our newest members, Diane, said... "We have to get on with the business of being widows!" She's absolutely right!
We do and We shall and We will ...right after we take care of ourselves for one short, delightful, perfectly selfish moment!!

Enjoy every second!!

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