Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sunset - Coronado, San Diego, CA 2015

Sunrise, Sunset...

I remember the moment my husband died...Time just STOPPED. And afterwards, I just wanted the entire world to STOP with me so I could grieve and accept... But it didn't. It doesn't . It can't. It just keeps going... Time is an illusion. But it is an illusion that haunts us, it nags us, and it tells us we must keep going. 
Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick...

Now, we are here, in a new place, a new time, 
and a bright and promising new year: 2017
It's a time to reflect; it's a time to move forward. 
It's a time to ponder the past, and contemplate the future. 
We need to add new colors to our life... 
We need to make a splash on our big, new, blank canvas. 
What shall we do? Who will we move forward with? 
What must we let go of...

My world changed a lot in 2016. Some good, some not so good. But like the time lapse from Sunrise to Sunset; we've, all  gone from new beginnings to new endings in 2016. At the beginning of last year, I tagged #2016=DOIT! and I did!

The Lancaster family had much to celebrate in 2016! 
  • My daughter Claire married Jarred! 
  • My daughter Nicole and her husband Brian added Emily Claire to their family. 
  • My son, Chris, graduated with his masters. 
  • I lost my job at Stewart and have enjoyed some quiet down time after 24 years of dedicated service. 
  • I'm looking for new opportunities and enjoying the journey. 

Life is the journey; not the destination; but I made alot of amazing stops along the way last year...For someone who LOVES to travel, I did swell in 2016! 
  • I traveled to FL to share in my daughter's Bachelorhette Party with all her loving bridesmaids and my delightful sister, Laura; 
  • I attended my first (but not last) 1 Fit Widow Retreat in Austin, TX with one of my best friends, Malissa!
  • I attended the TLTA Annual Convention in Galveston, TX 
  • I attended the ALTA Annual Convention in Scottsdale, AZ and met my new recruiter and friend, Katrina
  • I attended the Modern Widows Club Leadership Retreat and enjoyed a few extra days of fun with my Co-leader Nyla, in Seattle, WA
  • I spent a week in Oregon with my fun- loving brother and my very healthy mother exploring the magnificent western coastline.
  • I saw the Northern Lights in Iceland...I never thought I would see that!
  • I went to Kansas City, MO for the the first time for a Leadership Retreat 
  • I attended my granddaughter Emily Claire's baptism in Cleveland, OH and
  • I went to Austin, a city I love and with family I adore, many, many times!
I worked on my fitness goals. I followed healthy eating habits (well over all!) and began spin class.  I am hanging in there. I'm not perfect, but choosing to remain active and healthy to enjoy my life and to spend time doing fun things with my family and friends. I just want to be the best me I can be!

I lost my job... and I found my life! 
I spent some time dreaming about what I want to do next. 
I spent some time growing my passion, Modern Widows Club. 
I spent time loving my family - from grand babies to enjoying time with my mother, brother, sister, daughters, son and my in-laws. 

I am building my own firm, Lancaster Leadership. It is all about transformation; corporate and personal.  It's scary and it's exciting! It's great to have some time to dream big, bold dreams and put them into action!

I am learning. I'm reading, studying and growing. Some of my treasures:
  • Rising Strong, by Brene Brown. Thanks, Kay and Carolyn!!
  • You're a Bad Ass, by Jen Sincero...Thanks, Tammy!
  • Loves Does, Bob Goff, Thanks Leslie!
  • I met with valuable leaders, Carolyn Moor, Jodie Rodenbaugh and Jill Furby.  Thanks, fabulous leaders, for helping me grow stronger, better, braver...
  • I'm becoming a Limitless Leader...Thanks, Jill!
  • I'm understanding resilience and what I call "gumption." 
As 2016 sets, and 2017 rises, 
I realize that it has been delightful. 
I have grown, I have learned, and I have trusted...
I have enjoyed every second!
I think my 2017 mantra will be:
 "Get Your 'Gump' On!" Big,Bold,Bright=2017!
What will yours be?