Friday, May 27, 2016


A Brand new YOU!
Orange Roses = HOPE

I had the honor and privilege of meeting Jolean Olson - an Emmy award winning producer who spoke on the importance of storytelling l

She made several good points and shared some amazing videos.
I.                    What is the story you want to tell?
II.                  Who is your audience and how will they hear it best?
III.                How will you tell the story?

She confirmed what we know; that it is important to be authentic, direct and honest and to find that single “moment of magic” that makes all the dots connect to tell the story. The science of storytelling is that our brain is much more engaged when we hear a story… as opposed to hearing “boring strategic corporate write” – she demonstrated this my reading out loud a description for “a strategic corporate initiative” contrasted with two paragraphs out of John Grisham’s “The Firm”; a scene where the phone rings and the main character wakes up to answer his wife calling…Amazing how different your brain responds! I had to laugh… So it does prove my adage in true “Every word serves a purpose”!

She also shared several GREAT video clips – I’m adding a few here:

She really made me think about the "Brand New ME!" 
Who is she?  
What is my 5 word Brand Message? 
What's my personal "elevator" Speech... 
What do I (the Brand new ME) want to do when I grow up?!
Who am I - almost 5 years as a widow, recent Mother of the Bride, current post wife, mother of grown adult children who are successful, new Ama - grandmother, in between careers trying to find myself "ME"? 

I need to create a BRAND NEW Me...for Work... For Love... For Life! Who is She!? I need to "create" Her - to Celebrate Her. To become comfortable in Her new skin...

We need to embrace the opportunity for this "Do Over" and enjoy the process of moving out of our cocoons into the Bold, BRAVE, Bright new Butterfly that will fly forward to new adventures in a life full of hope and opportunity; A Brand new YOU +  a BRAND new ME!