Thursday, November 19, 2015

Being Thankful...

Parisian Flower Boxes, September 2015

Being Thankful...

As the world watches over Paris, I watch over you. In light of last weeks tragic terrorist events in Paris, it is hard to be positive when the City of Lights has been plagued with darkness. As I spent hours keeping vigil, I thought of you and about Thanksgiving and the ability to see beauty come from ashes.  

Even in the depths of despair, you can be thankful. It's OK to see beauty again. Feel free to smile. Go outside and enjoy the beautiful fall weather. It doesn't take away the pain,but it does give you pause to breathe. Just Breathe, and
Be Thankful.

We had two new members join our Modern Widows Club this month. We all cried and then we all laughed. We felt the pain, but we looked for the hope to ease the pain. 
In our Houston Chapter, we are over 60 strong.
We are a part of  #OneMillionWidows. 
 We are lonely, but we are not alone.
It's OK to smile.
It's OK to hurt. 
But it's also OK to Let Go! 
To live your sweet life now to the fullest. 
To enjoy your family, your friends, your new found freedom.
 I realize how strange this new life feels. 
It's way too tight... doesn't fit quite right. It's uncomfortable. 
But it belongs to you and it's time you start to own it. 
Your new life; it is where you live. 
Right Here and Right Now. 
It's REAL.
Be Thankful...

What does being Thankful mean? 
To see the flower sprouting towards new life in the concrete. 
To see the stars in the same sky that my family sees in France and to Hope. 
To dream that someday we will have Peace. 
We will love again. We will laugh again. We will enjoy our life again. We will. 
I promise you.
Be Thankful.

No matter what you are doing for Thanksgiving, find a way to celebrate your life. 
What ever it is that you have; wherever it is that you have it, be grateful. 
Thankful is a destination. 
It is not a day on the calendar, or a bird in your oven, or even too much pumpkin/chess/pecan pie. Thankful is in your heart. 
It can sustain you if you let it. Let a tiny bit of Joy out of you. 
Let a smile warm your heart. 
Have a bite; take a sip; enjoy your time with family and friends. 
Be Thankful

I'm so glad that I have met each and every one of you. 
You bring me Joy. You bring me Peace. You give me Hope. You allow me to dream. 
I'm grateful God gave me you. 
I am thankful that the violence in Paris has stopped -- at least for now. 
I'm grateful my family is safe. I'm delighted I spent time there this summer - In Paris and In France - a country I deeply love because of my great heritage. It is a huge part of me and those that have lost loved ones, reside in my heart, thoughts and prayers. 
I will carry them as I carry you. 
I am...
Thankful we are alive
Thankful we can pray
Thankful we can celebrate life
Thankful we can love
Thankful we can hold hands
Thankful new babies will be born
Thankful young couples will wed
Thankful young people are gaining knowledge to contribute to a better world
Thankful for all that I have and all that I have become and all that I will be
I am grateful for every single second I get to LIVE for the rest of my life
I am Thankful for you too!
Be Thankful TODAY!!!

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