Friday, July 10, 2015


The business of my life has taken me away from my journal to you. I wanted to share this airplane ride note with you as I traveled to see my daughter graduate…

Hope. Survivor. Trust. Peace; New Beginnings!

It is so hard to find myself in this new life. I see glimpses of him all around me.  I remember him touching me, holding me, teasing me and then he's gone and I’m alone and uncertain of the new direction I want to take.  I miss him. He gives me peace and hope and I can still feel his arms around me in my loneliness and my solitude…

I do know now that I don’t want to live in fear one more second!  
That is screaming loud and clear throughout my life right now. I must trust God and really, truly learn to let go. I don’t know where I’m going or how I will get there.  
But I do know it’s time to go there…

I think that is one of the biggest frustrations of widowhood. 
It suddenly takes you “off-roading” when you had no intentions of doing so. 
You had “plans” with your husband. 
Plans to have children and pursue dreams, to grow old together and to hold hands and 
to retire and travel and live long, strong, great lives… and now we are standing here. 
Looking for some peace.

We need hope. We need trust. We need strength, laughter and lots of love. Where will it come from? How will we find it? What does it look like and how will we know that we have “arrived” at the new place; our new destiny. Our new lives; our new lives without him…
New Beginnings!

Only God knows our journey and He is waiting for us to meet Him there. 
But we don’t’ know how to start… 
In which direction to take that very first step. 
Trusting. Praying Hoping…
Learning to surrender to the will of the universe and the creation of the new you. 

Who is she? 
What does she like? 
What does she love? 
Who will she become?

Come with me. Let’s do this together. It’s all up to us. 
It's time for you and I to become who we were born to be. 
We have to start. With one single step…out of our comfort zone. 
Away from the you you know and you are comfortable with. 
Towards the new you that is all you were meant to be and so much more than we are. 
We need to move to all we can be. 
We just have to start. 
We just have to take one scary little step away from the past and towards a bright future. 

Just. One. Tiny. Little Step…New Beginnings start TODAY!
Let’s go, Love!!